Summer Camps.
The cumulative school year-end event for all of our chapters. An opportunity for learning and fun!
Every Coding Cougars Chapter holds an annual Summer Camp at a local venue. To participate in the summer camp, a student must first enroll in a Chapter.

To enroll a student in one of our Chapters, please browse through our list. We hope to meet you soon!
Frequently asked questions.
Q: What occurs during Summer Camp?

Students are taught more niche and advanced topics in their respective learning tracks (whether it be Python, Java, or Scratch). They are also allowed to progress further within their track if any material from the Chapter meetings during the school year needs to be covered. Outside of learning, students engage in exciting indoor games, outdoor sports, and relaxing movie breaks!
Q: How much does it cost to enroll in Summer Camp?

Coding Cougars operates a fully non-profit policy and does not charge any of its students for any of its programs. We are supported by the generosity of our students' parents and our partners.
Q: What does my student need in order to participate?

All we ask our students to bring to Chapter sessions are their own computing devices, whether it be a laptop, iPad (with keyboard), or other approved devices. If there is any doubt regarding if a device will work or if you do not have access to such a device, please reach out to your Chapter's primary contact. Students must also bring their own lunch, drinks, and chargers.
If you have any other questions, please contact your chapter's primary contact. If you are not in a chapter, please email