Rockaway and Parsippany

Mount Tabor Elementary School

Littleton Elementary School

Brooklawn Middle School

Central Middle School


Volunteer Leadership


Aryaan Jena

Regional Lead

Aryaan is currently a junior at the Academy for Math, Science, and Engineering in Rockaway, New Jersey. He is passionate about mathematics and computer science, and he hopes to teach these problem-solving skills and critical thinking to students. Outside of school, he likes to read, play tennis, and watch racing.


Anshul Makwana

Head of Marketing

I am extremely excited to be volunteering as part of Coding Cougars. Please check back later to learn more about me as I am currently updating my information. Thank you!


Ishu Kansal

Head of Operations

Hi! My name is Ishu Kansal and I am from the Academy of Math, Science, and Engineering in Rockaway. I love programming because of all of the real-world applications that it has. I know Java and Python and have built neural networks and blockchains in the past. I hope to teach programming through Coding Cougars because the current school system teaches coding too late. I would have loved to learn coding as an elementary or middle school student, but unfortunately only got the opportunity during my sophomore year of high school. Through Coding Cougars, you will not have to wait any longer!