Lines Of Code


Courses are held through either after-school or weekend meetings, with each meeting lasting 1-2 hours.

These meetings occur throughout the year, and as each student progresses in their skill set and interest level, they can change courses to more advanced levels.

For in-person meetings, locations vary by chapter. However, all virtual meetings occur at the same time across all chapters.

Keep in mind: Each course is like a starting point for the student to grow and progress in their abilities. Our goal for all of our students is to allow them to explore their interests and reach their maximum potential.

COVID-19 Notice: the Coding Cougars Courses are currently being held virtually. Because of this change, each course is being held during the course of 2 meetings. This ensures that we can minimize the amount of time the student has to spend in front of a computer screen while also maintaing the quality of our courses.



Course Catalog

Spring 2021 courses are complete